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    The UH2H series provides up to 504W/42A output with industry standard half brick package. The efficient SR
    stage is combined with patented “Buck Reset” topology that would reduce power loss to achieve 144W/in 3 power
    density. The multi-layer single side circuit board design plus the patented Sink-Plate technology would enhance
    the thermal performance and improve its reliability. Modules are designed for Telecom, Servers, Networking
    equipments and other applications that use a 300V (200~400V) input bus.

    Part Number ٭ ٭ Maximum Input Maximum Output Efficiency
    UH2H480abcd-N10XXX 200V~420V 554W 48V/10.5A 504W 91%
    UH2H280abcd-N18XXX 200V~420V 554W 28V/18.0A 504W 91%
    UH2H120abcd-N42XXX 200V~420V 554W 12V/42.0A 404W 91%
    UH2H480abcd-N10XXX 200V~420V 554W 48V/10.5A 504W 91%

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